About didi Rugby

There are three different age ranges in our didi rugby program, but these age boundaries are very flexible and are based on the individual’s ability and confidence as opposed to their chronological age. This ensures that the program is personal to every child.

In all sessions there are two coaches to ensure that the session gives every child some all important one to one attention and tuition in each class, ensuring that even the shyest child feels part of our friendly team.

didi Mini

18 months - 36 months

This program aims to work on the basic components of fitness in terms of balance, co-ordination, speed and strength using lots of play and fun with rugby as our tool to deliver these skills.

didi mini is also a completely educational experience where we focus on learning colours, numbers, body parts and much more whilst they are playing.

Your child will take part in an active fun filled session which encourages positivity, team play, resect and sportsmanship. To instil these values early in life has proven to enhance our future sportsmen and women, and to encourage lifelong participation in physical activity. You are required to engage with and support your child in this age group to encourage them to play and take part.

didi Junior

3-4 years old

This program follows on nicely from our mini program and aims to fill the gap between toddler play and school age games. We aim to further develop the basic underlying components of fitness in terms of balance coordination, speed and strength using play and rugby as our tool to deliver these skills.

didi junior continues to have an educational theme alongside developing their rugby skills they will also be furthering their numbers, sequencing, understanding of rules and starting to understand concepts of play

These sessions are skill and game based sessions that will ultimately lead them to take part in rugby and/or other game activities where hand eye coordination, speed, balance and core skills are required. You are encouraged to watch from the side and encourage their child, getting involved if necessary to support.

didi Senior

4-6 years old

This is our final stage of didi rugby and is really a stepping stone into the under 7 rugby playing age and/or other game activities.

didi Senior encourages small-sided games that enhance the basic underlying components of fitness, but also enhance the understanding of the basic concepts of rugby. We play small sided games and teach your child to make decisions about where and when to pass, how to play with their team mates and start to show and understand that practice is required to get better at skills.

Children are taught skills but also to understand why and how they use these skills within a game situation. We will use tag rugby belts to enable the transition to under 7s rugby easier.

The didi senior program is a fantastic educational package that teaches rugby skills, whilst incorporating learning through play. You are encouraged to stay and sit on the side to watch and support your child in the session.